25 Dec 2022

Indian Driver Ajay Ogula Can't Believe After Winning Jackpot In Dubai

Dubai: An Indian driver has won a lottery worth Rs 33 crore (1.5 crore dirham) in Dubai. After winning the lottery, Telangana's 31-year-old Ajay Ogula said- I still can't believe that I have won the jackpot. At first I thought I had won 15,000 dirhams but then I could not count the zeros of the prize. Even my family members are not believing me.

How boss changed his life

According to Ajay Ogula, a random conversation with his boss about someone winning a handsome amount with Emirates Draw changed his life for good.

"You keep wasting money here and there, so why not use it instead on an opportunity like this," the boss reportedly asked.

Following his employer's advice, Ogula installed the Emirates Draw mobile app and purchased two tickets for his first-ever participation with Emirates Draw EASY6.

Ajay is a driver in a jewelry company

Ajay came to Dubai four years ago from a village in Telangana. He is currently a driver in a jewelery company and earns 3,200 dirhams (Rs 72,000) per month. After winning the lottery, Ajay plans to build a house with the money. 

He is also thinking of starting his own construction company. Apart from fulfilling his dreams, he also wants to help the needy people. He says that I will help the needy people in my village and nearby areas.

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