25 Dec 2022

Agriculture Success Story: Rajasthan Farmer Ramesh Chaudhary's House Is Built On 2.5 Acres, He Earns 2.5 Crores Annually From Maize Cultivation

Ramesh Chaudhary of Rajasthan. Ramesh Chaudhary is counted among the rich farmers of the country. Ramesh Ramesh Chaudhary lives in Rampura village near the capital Jaipur. By looking at Ramesh Chaudhary's house, you can get an idea of the profit he is making through farming.

Ramesh has 300 bighas of land

Ramesh Chaudhary does farming on three hundred bighas of land. Ramesh's house is built on two and a half acres and beats the office of any multinational company. Ramesh lives here with his five brothers. There are 30 members in this house of Ramesh.

Ramesh has three poly houses and a green house

Ramesh has three poly houses and one green house. While Ramesh plants tomatoes and cucumbers in the poly house, flowers are cultivated in the green house. Besides, Ramesh also has agricultural land. Ramesh cultivates maize on this land. Ramesh's annual turnover from maize cultivation is more than two and a half crores.

Ramesh works in the fields for 12 hours a day

Ramesh and his four brothers have a habit of waking up early in the morning. Before the Sun rises, Ramesh goes out to the fields after giving fodder and water to the buffaloes. The work of farming is divided among all the brothers. The family members have meals together and at the same time the next day's work is decided among the brothers.

Farming is life

Ramesh believes that his social status today is due to farming. It is because of farming that today he has big vehicles like Fortuner, such a big bungalow and social status. That's why Ramesh believes that such a good life has been possible through farming, so he and all his brothers do farming with full dedication.
Ramesh's house today can be considered like the house of those modern farmers in which cows and buffaloes are tied on one side and luxury vehicles are parked on the other side.

Ramesh earns profit of crores in farming

Apart from poly house and green house, Ramesh also earns a lot of profit in maize farming. Ramesh earns up to Rs 2.5 crore annually from maize cultivation.

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