18 Dec 2022

MP Assembly Election 2023: Churning Begins In BJP Before Elections, Pro-Scindia MLAs May Not Get Tickets, Can BJP Still Cross 200 Mark?


MP Assembly Election 2023: Assembly elections are to be held in MP next year in 2023. Congress and BJP have stepped up preparations regarding this. In an important meeting held in Katni, BJP has now given the slogan of crossing 200 mark. Surveys and brainstorming have been started for ticket distribution. 

Candidates with clean image to be fielded

A strategy is being made to field candidates with a clean image. Meanwhile, there is talk that the BJP may deny tickets to the ministers and MLAs who joined BJP along with Jyotiraditya Scindia. That is, they can be kept away from the election field. 

In fact, a one-time agreement was made to give tickets to the pro-Scindia MLAs who joined the BJP after toppling the Kamal Nath government. Which was completed in the by-election. That is, there is no complete guarantee of giving tickets to Scindia supporters again in the assembly elections.

If ticket is not given, will Scindia supporters return to Congress?

In such a situation, the leaders leaving Congress and joining BJP are concerned about their political future. However, party sources say that the leaders whose image and performance are better and who are expected to win, the party can make them their candidates. But such leaders can be kept away with whom party workers are not able to establish harmonious relations.

There was a condition of giving ticket only once

In fact, if the BJP leaders are to be believed, then the agreement was reached with these leaders who left the Congress and joined the party. Under that there was a condition of giving ticket only once. Which was completed by giving ticket in the by-election. Now in the coming elections also, there was no such promise that BJP will bet on the same leaders. This is the reason why many leaders leaving the Congress and coming to the BJP are worried about the future.

Gwalior Chambal area will be most affected

Most of the MLAs of Gwalior Chambal zone were involved in toppling the Kamal Nath government. In the year 2020, when the by-elections were held simultaneously for 28 seats in the assembly, the maximum number of seats were in Gwalior-Chambal. 

By-elections were held on 16 seats here. Out of which BJP could win only 10 seats. While the Congress won six seats despite the BJP being in the government. Imarti Devi, Andal Singh Kansana and Girraj Dandotia had to face defeat in the elections even though they were ministers then. 

Now the circumstances have changed. Congressmen are seen united in the entire Gwalior Chambal region. In such a situation, the selection of candidates has become complicated for BJP. If the party bets on Scindia supporters, then it is not sure how much its workers will support them in the elections.

 Tomar's role may change before elections

The BJP is preparing to give important responsibilities to experienced people at the organization level. At the same time, the face of the government can also be changed. To reduce the anti-incumbency trend on the basis of Gujarat formula, the party leadership is engaged in preparing its final road map. 

It is discussed that in the midst of all this, the role of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in Madhya Pradesh may increase. In the years 2008 and 2013, Tomar was in charge of the state BJP. In these elections, the pair of Shivraj and Tomar gave excellent results. 

But in 2018, BJP had to face defeat in the assembly elections. Although the BJP formed the government in 2020 through manipulations, it is still believed that there is a need to strengthen the hold at the grassroots level. In such a situation, once again the party can give important responsibility to Narendra Singh Tomar in Madhya Pradesh.

Responsibility of many leaders will increase

Before the elections, BJP has started working on a new strategy. Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh, Cooperative Minister Arvind Bhadoria and former minister Rajendra Shukla can be given an important role in the elections. 

Actually Rajendra Shukla represents Vindhya and has also been a minister in the Shivraj government. It is believed that in 2020, when the BJP government was formed by toppling the Kamal Nath government, Rajendra Shukla was not made a minister. Later there was talk of making him the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly but he did not get a chance. 

Now Rajendra Shukla can be brought into the mainstream by making him a minister again or by giving him important responsibility in the organization. Similarly, the party high command is considering giving important responsibility for Mission 2023 to Ministers Bhupendra Singh and Arvind Bhadauria.

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