31 Dec 2022

New Super Variant Of Corona XBB15 Found In America; Learn How Dangerous Is It

New York: A new super variant of Corona XBB15 has been found in America which is very dangerous as compared to other variants. American health expert of Chinese origin Eric Feigl Ding has said that it spreads infection 120 times faster than the previous BQ1 variant. It is more adept at dodging the human immune system than all the earlier variants.

 Rate of hospitalization increases

Ding has said that XBB15 is a super variant of Corona. Due to this, the rate of hospitalization in cases related to corona is continuously increasing. Ding has said that a scientist has studied the model of this variant spreading in New York. 

America is hiding data

He alleged in 17 tweets one after the other that like China, America is also hiding the data of the new variant of Corona. Now a case of this new variant has also come to light in Gujarat.

XBB15 is the 'super variant' of Corona. XBB15 is infecting as many people within 17 days as BQ1 was infecting in 26 days.

Its R value ie reproduction value is more than BQ1. The R value shows how many people are getting or can get infected from one person infected with corona.

XBB15 was spreading 108% faster than BQ1 before Christmas. This speed has increased to 120% after Christmas

New variant infection cases increased in December

Health expert Eric has claimed that Center for Disease Control in America did not release the correct figures of the XBB15 variant in the last 2 weeks. Eric claimed that the center showed a jump from 1% to 40% in cases linked to the new variant. But there has been a 40% increase in the cases of this new corona variant in the US in the month of December.

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