15 Dec 2022

Scindia Supporter Minister Dattigaon Became Headline Of Social Media Regarding Female Friend, Girl Uses Abusive Words For Him

Scindia Supporter Minister Dattigaon: Madhya Pradesh's Industries Minister and Scindia supporter Rajvardhan Singh Dattigaon has become the headlines of social media these days. A video is going viral which is believed of a resort in Dhar. This alleged video and picture has put Dattigaon in the dock. Although does not verify this viral video.

In the viral picture and video, pro-Scindia minister Rajvardhan Singh is seen with a girl. The girl belongs to Dhar resort where she is threatening the employees by taking the name of the minister. The employees are calling Rajvardhan a Raja. 

But the girl says many such things using abusive words for him which we cannot even write here. Along with this she is also saying that he will touch my feet. In fact, the girl is also telling about her close relationship with Minister Rajvardhan. 

Not only this, minister Rajvardhan Singh Dattigaon is seen on Facebook with a girl on a table decorated with heart-shaped roses. At the same time, after the video went viral, the girl called this video fake. And said that she has nothing to do with this video. She respects Honorable Minister.

What is in the alleged viral video

The employees of the Dhar resort, where this video is believed to be made, demand an ID card from the girl. The employees are saying that if she had made entry in the night itself, this would not have happened. Meanwhile the girl asks where is Rajvardhan. The employee says how could he know. The girl said when will he come. Controversy started from here. 

The girl said why didn't you take the ID at that time. Send the owner The employee said that we had asked. Meanwhile, the girl asks the employee in a threatening manner to come with her. The employee said why should he come. Tthen the girl asks him to send Rajvardhan. Here the controversy escalates. Employees say don't say such a thing for the minister.

The girl turns back and says that he is your minister. This time he will not even get ticket. I guarantee this. The girl points towards her companion and says the ministers will touch his feet. Will touch my feet too. The staff of the resort say that he is Raja Saheb. The girl turns around and uses abusive words for the minister.

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