28 Dec 2022

Uzbekistan Claims 18 Children Died After Consuming Cough Syrup Made In India


New Delhi: The Health Ministry of Uzbekistan has claimed that 18 children have died after consuming cough syrup made in India. The World Health Organization (WHO) has given a response in this regard. 

WHO said- We have talked to the health authorities of Uzbekistan. We will cooperate in the investigation. 

A few months ago, the media in Gambia blamed the Indian company for the death of 66 children. However, the government there had later made it clear that the cough syrup made in India had nothing to do with the death of the children.

The Uzbekistan Health Ministry said the children had been administered the Dok 1 Max Syrup produced by Noida-based Marion Biotech Limited. The Dok 1 Max syrup and tablets are anti-cold medication. 

Uzbekistan health ministry said a preliminary probe into the deaths revealed that the cough syrup contained ethylene glycol — a toxic substance — the statement added. Syrups should not contain even traces of ethylene glycol, which is found in industrial grade of glycerine that is forbidden in medicines. 

In the Gambia case too, these compounds were alleged to have been present in the cough syrups, which were manufactured by India’s Maiden Pharmaceuticals.
According to the Uzbekistan health ministry, the kids who died consumed 2.5 ml to 5 ml of the cough syrup at home three to four times a day. This is, however, higher than the standard prescribed dose of the cough syrup.
Currently, tablets and syrups of the drug Doc-1 Max have been withdrawn from sale in all pharmacies of the country in the prescribed manner. 

The ministry has also asked parents to be attentive to the health of their children, and to purchase medicines in pharmacies only by prescription.

CDSCO begins investigation

According to sources in India’s Health Ministry, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has taken note of this report and launched probe into the matter.

“We have taken note of the matter and have asked for the causality assessment report of the death of children from the authorities of Uzbekistan,” a top CDSCO official said adding the drug was not being sold in India.
According to a senior official in India’s Health Ministry, the Ministry of External Affairs has written a letter on claims raised by Uzbekistan.

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