26 Dec 2022

Weather News: Severe Cold, Fog In Delhi, Many Areas Of North India

New Delhi: The national capital, as well as many areas in North India including most of the areas in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and North Rajasthan and western Uttar Pradesh, are experiencing severe cold. 

Light snowfall may occur over upper reaches: Private weather forecaster Skymet Weather said isolated light snowfall may occur over upper reaches of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

Cold wave conditions: Cold day to severe cold conditions may occur over parts of Punjab and Haryana. Cold wave conditions may occur at one or two places over Himachal Pradesh and North Rajasthan.

Dense fog possible: Dense to very dense fog is possible over parts of Punjab and some parts of Odisha along with one or two places over Northwest Rajasthan, Haryana, and Tripura.

Isolated rain in parts of UP, Bihar: Parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have witnessed isolated light rain during last two days. An anticyclone was over South Odisha. Humid winds from Bay of Bengal over merging with dry winds from northwest over Uttar Pradesh and Bihar leading to formation of clouds and subsequent rainfall.

Weather of Uttar Pradesh will become clear while isolated light rain may occur over parts of Bihar during next 24 hours. 

Minimum temperatures of many districts of Bihar have increased due to cloud cover. There was increase in minimums of East Uttar Pradesh as well. Weather will clear up in next 24 hours and minimum temperatures will drop by 2 to 3 degrees.

Fog may reduce in density: Skymet scientists said dense to very dense fog which was witnessed over many parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will now reduce in density. Day temperatures of most parts of Central and Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are marginally above normal. There may be shallow to moderate fog during morning hours thereafter they will become sunny and slightly warm and comfortable.

During the next 24 hours, light to moderate rain with one or two heavy spells may occur over South Tamil Nadu.

Light rain with one or two moderate spells is possible over remaining parts of Tamil Nadu, south coast of Andhra Pradesh, east Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh.

Light rain is possible over South interior Karnataka, Kerala, North Nagaland, and parts of western Himalayas.

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