6 Dec 2022

What Nikkita Ghag Said About Akshay Kumar's Upcoming Film 'Sex Education'!

Akshay Kumar is always known for making films on social messages. The news is coming that Akshay Kumar is going to make a film on sex education very soon and he recently told the media about sex education in front of everyone. He said, “Sex education  is a very important topic. We have all kinds of subjects that we learn in school but sex is one education that I would like all schools in the world to have because it is so important."

Reacting to Akshay Kumar's upcoming film Sex Education, beautiful actress and Model Nikkita Ghag, who is known for her excellent performance and her hot style, said that “Akshay Kumar always tries to make people aware through films that give social messages. But this time I am very happy about the announcement of his upcoming film on 'Sex Education. 

Nikkita said further, "The youth needs to know about sex education in our country and all of us Bollywood actors should pay attention to such topics. And films should be made on them. Akshay Kumar was very impressed with this topic and I also want to be a part of a film made on the subject of sex education."

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