1 Dec 2022

Zombie Virus Wakes Up After 48000 Years, Will It Affect India Too?

Siberia (Russia): So is the world standing on the brink of another pandemic? While the world seems to be recovering from the menace of Corona Virus, now the news of the arrival of a new virus is going to cause shivers. The potential revival of a virus could infect animals, humans, researchers said.

Actually, scientists have revived the Zombie Virus that was buried in the snowy area of ​​Russia for 48 thousand years. This dangerous virus was buried thousands of years ago in a lake in Russia. But now after it is alive, danger bells have started ringing for countries like India as well.

Disastrous consequences for the world

India has been warning the world about global warming. It is being said that if the frozen ice of Russia and Siberia melts due to the increasing temperature in the world, then then it could have disastrous consequences for the world. 

Zombie virus is so dangerous that it infects even small celled organisms. Now the question arises that what kind of preparations will have to be done by countries like India to deal with this virus?
Actually, after Corona, the world is gearing up to deal with similar pandemics that could hit humanity in future. Countries like India are also capable of dealing with such viruses. But the tragedy that Corona has given to the world was frightening. Although, the threat of zombie virus is not real yet, but we have to stay prepared at every level.

New virus remains infectious

The thawing of ancient permafrost due to climate change may pose a new threat to humans.Scientists have long warned that the thawing of permafrost due to atmospheric warming will worsen climate change by freeing previously trapped greenhouse gases like methane. But its effect on dormant pathogens is less well understood. Zombie virus remains infectious despite spending many millennia trapped in the frozen ground.

Threat of global warming in India too

Countries like India are also at risk of global warming. Part of the Sundarbans region is getting submerged. Apart from this, many predictions have been made about Mumbai as well. But this danger has now become so big that in the coming time, all the countries of the world including India may have to face difficulties.

Know about this deadly virus

This zombie virus was buried in a lake in Russia for thousands of years. Scientists have named this virus Pandoravirus Edema. No information has been published about this discovery yet.
The team of France's National Center for Scientific Research had mentioned dozens of viruses are buried in snow, about which the world is not aware. Zombie virus is also among them. This virus is 48,500 years old. In 2013, the same team detected a 30,000-year-old virus.
Due to global warming, the frozen ice is melting in many parts of the world. This is creating a new danger. Zombie virus is also one of them. This virus can contain dangerous germs.


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