2 Jan 2023

Bharat Jodo Yatra: What Kamal Haasan Said In Conversation With Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Bharat Jodo Yatra in Uttar Pradesh is to begin from January 3. Just a day before this, Rahul Gandhi discussed Indian politics and culture with Kamal Haasan. Sharing the clip of this conversation on social media, Rahul wrote that he does not believe that western countries can beat China, only India can do this.

Starting this special conversation, Rahul said to Kamal – I am eager to know what you think about what is going on in the country. 

You walk on roads covered in blood and sweat

On this, Kamal Haasan took a silent dig at the ruling BJP and said- "I felt it is my duty to speak about what is happening today. This 2,800 km is nothing, you walk on the road covered in blood and sweat."

The 68-year-old actor-politician, who entered politics about four years ago,also mentioned India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Amity prevails until you disturb it

Haasan spoke about communal harmony in the country, and said that peace prevails until someone deliberately disturbs it. He said if you got to places like Kerala, amity prevails, until you disturb it. 

"I think there are more sides to it than just Hindu and Muslim. We have to understand that India will only flourish with its plurality," he said.

I discovered Gandhiji on my own

Haasan saidn his father was a Congress man, but the environment made him a bitter critic of Gandhiji when he was in his teens. Later at the age of 24-25 he discovered Gandhiji on his own, and over the years, he become a fan of Gandhi, Kamal Haasan said.

The actor-turned-politician said he made the movie Hey Ram, which is a functional story of a parallel assassin who wanted to kill Mahatma Gandhi but changed his mind when he got closer to him. He corrected himself and  said sorry.

China knows we are facing internal problems: Rahul

In talks with Haasan, Rahul said – the world saw what happened in Ukraine. Russia had said that it does not want Ukraine to have deep ties with Western countries. If this happens, we will change your geography. We can see the exact same thing with India. China knows that we are facing internal problems. So it is doing what it wants.

China is telling us – be careful in what we are doing. Otherwise we will change your geography. We will come to Ladakh, Arunachal.

Outsiders can take advantage of our internal problems

Rahul said- Being an Indian, I am seeing that China is preparing a base like Russia. That's why I would like to alert our country that our real problem is on the border. This problem is related to the problems going on inside the country. where we are fighting each other. Economy is not working. There is unemployment. Outsiders can take advantage of this.

Rahul gifts tiger's photo to Haasan

Rahul Gandhi gifted a photo of Tiger drinking water to Kamal Haasan, which was clicked by Priyanka Gandhi's son Rihan. He said to Kamal- 'This photo tells about your attitude towards life. This picture shows that you are a great Indian and champion."

Kamal Haasan had joined Bharat Jodo Yatra in Delhi

Kamal Haasan took part in the Bharat Jodo Yatra which reached Delhi on 24 December. He was also seen discussing with Rahul. 

When the media asked Kamal the reason for joining the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Kamal said, 'Many people are asking me why I am here. I am here as an Indian. My father was a Congressman. I started my own political party, but when it comes to the country, the lines of all political parties get blurred. I blurred that line and came here.'

A day after joining the Yatra, Kamal had said that mother tongue is our birthright. Learning and using other languages is a matter of personal choice. This has been the right of South India for the last 75 years. It is foolish to impose Hindi on others. It will be opposed in the South.

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