3 Jan 2023

Covid-19 Updates: Situation Alarming In UK, War-torn Ukraine

London: After China, now the situation is worsening in Britain due to Corona. Beds are full in hospitals. A photo has emerged from Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford city. In this, a girl child can be seen lying on plastic chairs for not getting a bed. In another similar situation, a patient had to wait 99 hours for treatment at the Great Western Hospital in the city of Swindon.

Emergency services collapse in UK

A senior UK health officer told that 300 to 500 deaths are happening every week due to non-availability of emergency service. There is a shortage of oxygen supply in hospitals. Actually, with the increasing cases of corona in Britain, dangerous flu has also spread. Due to this, there has been an increase in people waiting for hospitalization.

Up to 70 deaths due to Corona every week in Ukraine

Ukraine's health experts say that 50 to 70 deaths are happening every week due to corona in Ukraine. 90% of these people are above 60 years of age. Lappi said that this figure could be even higher, but people are not able to reach doctors for treatment. At the same time, according to expert Mikhailo Radutsky, cases of corona and hospitalization are increasing rapidly in the country.

9000 deaths daily in China

The European Union (EU) has offered free vaccines to China. At present, China is ravaged by Corona. According to London's Global Health Intelligence Company Airfinity, there are 9 thousand deaths due to corona every day in China. The peak will come here on January 13, in which 37 lakh cases will come in a day. On January 23, 25 thousand deaths have been estimated.

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