3 Jan 2023

Cancer: Japanese Scientists Discover Natural Cure; Deadly Cells Will Be Destroyed Without Chemotherapy

Tokyo: Research on cancer is going on continuously all over the world. Now the scientists of Japan have got great success in its treatment. They have used artificial DNA. This is a completely new and unique method. In this, cancer cells are destroyed in a natural way. The body's immune system recognizes these cells and destroys them.

Eliminates the need for chemotherapy

In other words, it can be said that it eliminates the need for chemotherapy. The way the number of cancer patients is increasing continuously in India along with the world, this discovery is a great ray of hope. Certainly, not only can the treatment of cancer be cheap, but it will also help people to end the disease in a natural way.

New anti-cancer drug using artificial DNA

A research group at the University of Tokyo, led by Assistant Professor Kunihiko Morihiro and Professor Akimitsu Okamoto from the Graduate School of Engineering, were inspired to create a new anti-cancer drug using artificial DNA. 

“We thought that if we can create new drugs that work by a different mechanism of action from that of conventional drugs, they may be effective against cancers that have been untreatable up to now,” said Okamoto.

In cancer, cells grow in an uncontrolled way. The reason behind this disease becoming fatal is that the immune system is not able to work against cancer cells and tumors. This is because these cells look just like normal cells. Chemotherapy is needed only to kill cancer cells.

Japanese scientists have created two hairpin-shaped DNA molecules. They have been named oHPs. Scientists have discovered a way in which cancer cells are brought into contact with the immune system. 

Purpose was that immune system should work on cancer cells

Its purpose is that the immune system should work on them. Due to this, the formation of cancer cells stops. This test has been done on rats. It can prove successful in cervical and breast cancer.

Akimitsu Okamoto said the study's results are good news for doctors and cancer patients. He believes that this will provide new options for drugs and medication policy. Based on the results of the study, the next step will be drug discovery.

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