4 Jan 2023

Delhi Sultanpuri Accident Case: No Trace Of Alcohol In Anjali’s Stomach, Family Says She Was Murdered

New Delhi: The family members of Anjali, who died after being dragged by a car for about 12 km from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala, alleged on Wednesday that it was not an accident but a murder.
The family doctor of the victim girl has rejected the claim that Anjali was drunk. He said that the autopsy report found that there was no trace alcohol in the stomach of the deceased.
“It is not an accident but a planned murder,” said the family members of Anjali.
Talking to media, Bhupendra Singh Chaurasia, a family member of the deceased, who had Anjali’s autopsy report in hand. said that the post-mortem report showed no signs of her having alcohol.
“It is a pre-planned murder. Anjali’s ribs were exposed from the back of the chest. Her lungs were exposed and out,” said the kin of the deceased.

Anjali’s friend had said she was drunk

The family’s statement comes after Nidhi, a friend of Anjali’s who was with her during the January 1 night, said that Anjali was drunk and not in her senses. However, the official confirmation on the findings and final opinion of the post-mortem is still awaited.
“She had consumed a lot of alcohol. We even had a fight over who would drive the scooty. She was not at all in her senses. Before that accident, she was about to ram into a truck but I somehow managed to apply the brakes on time even as I was seated behind her… and we got saved,” Nidhi had claimed, while recalling the incident.
Chaurasia said that the autopsy report has suggested that no abnormality has been detected and no alcohol was found in the abdomen region.
“The brain is still missing and it fell off from the skull in the Kanjhawala area. There are a total of 40 injuries out of which 20 to 25 are grazed abrasions. There were 14-15 injuries after her death. Some of the injuries were inconspicuous due to blackening, smudging, and brush burn effects,” said Chaurasia, while reading the autopsy report.
He even questioned that when two friends were together in such a brutal accident, how is it possible that one managed to escape without any injuries.

Nidhi is lying, says family

Anjali's family called it a planned murder. They said that Nidhi is lying. Two people riding a scooty meet with an accident and one dies, but the other escapes from there without helping her. Suddenly again like a side heroine comes after 75 hours and tells a false story. The family asks Nidhi what kind of friend she is who disappeared after the accident.

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