10 Jan 2023

Jharkhand: Sammed Shikhar: New Controvery Arises; Tribal Community Claims Entire Parasnath Mountain Is Ours

Giridih: A new controversy has started regarding Sammed Shikharji in Giridih district of Jharkhand. The tribal Santhal community of Jharkhand has claimed that the entire Parasnath Mountain belongs to them. The tribals say that this is their Marang Buru i.e. old mountain. This is the center of their faith. Here they sacrifice a white cock every year in Ashadhi Puja. Tampering with it will not be acceptable to them.

Committee formed

However, the district administration held a meeting with the Jain community and tribals on Sunday. A committee was formed to form a consensus. Committee includes administrative officers, public representatives, representatives of Jain society and tribals.

Preparations for big agitation are also going on

However, the tribal society is still adamant. Preparations for the big agitation are also going on. The front of the protest and agitation is being handled by Lobin Hembrom, MLA of the ruling party Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. 

Hembram has said that the fight will be decisive. People of tribal society have been living in this area for years, now they are being prevented from performing the sacrifice. The land is ours, the mountain is ours and we will not let it be occupied by anyone else.

Declare Parasnath as Marang Buru site

Tribals said the government will have to declare Parasnath as Marang Buru site. Hembrom said that the government must declare Parasnath as Marang Buru site. If our demand is not met by January 25, then on January 30, we will sit on a fast in Ulihatu. There will be a big movement against the central and state government.

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