9 Jan 2023

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: Actress Was In Touch With Ali; Video Call Was Made To Ali Before Suicide, Claims Sheezan Khan’s Lawyer

Mumbai: New revelations are happening in the TV actress Tunisha Sharma suicide case. Now a new person has entered in this case. On Monday, during the hearing of the case in Mumbai's Vasai Court, Sheezan Khan's lawyer revealed a person named Ali. He told that after the breakup with Sheezan, Tunisha started talking to Ali.
After hearing this, Tunisha's lawyer and the government side sought time from the court. After this the court adjourned the hearing of the case till January 11. The court was hearing the bail application of Sheezan.
Tunisha met Ali on a dating app: Sheezan's lawyer Shailendra Mishra said that Tunisha had joined the dating app Tinder after her breakup with Sheezan and she had met Ali on Tinder. He further revealed that Tunisha had spoken to Ali on a video call for 15 minutes before the suicide. His mother also knew about the friendship between Ali and Tunisha.
Sheezan's entire family used Tunisha: Tunisha's mother Vanita recently said in an interview, 'I am not going to spare Sheezan. I have lost my daughter. I am not here to understand the relationship. I am here to get justice. Sheezan and his entire family are involved in this. Tunisha was my life. She never hid anything from me. For the last 3-4 months, she had become more close to Sheezan's family. Sheezan's entire family has used Tunisha.'
Tunisha's mother accuses Sheezan of murder: Tunisha's ex-boyfriend Sheezan Khan has been in judicial custody on charges of abetment to suicide. He has also been accused of murder by Tunisha’s mother. Vanita Sharma reportedly tsaod, ‘It could be a suicide or a murder. I say this because Sheezan took her to a hospital far away. There were hospitals 5 minutes away from the set. Why not took her to a closer one? She was breathing & could have been saved.'

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