26 Jan 2023

Kuno Cheetahs: Female Cheetah Sasha Shows Signs Of Recovery, Van Vihar Experts Treating Her

Sheopur: A female cheetah Sasha brought from Namibia to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh has become  ill. A team has been sent from Bhopal for her treatment.  She is undergoing treatment under veterinarians and has been kept in quarantine for the time being. 

A team of specialist doctors from Bhopal was sent to Kuno National Park for her treatment. Dr. Atul Gupta, Chief Veterinarian of Van Vihar National Park in the team is the head of the team. The team from from Van Vihar has taken the female cheetah under their care and treating her. 

Condition improving but under care of vets

Shasha's health is improving after being given the necessary injections through continuous drip, but she is still under the care of doctors. This has been confirmed by DFO Prakash Verma.

DFO of Kuno National Park Prakash Kumar Verma said that on November 28 last year, three female cheetahs Savannah, Sasha and Siya were released in compartment number-5 of the large enclosure. 

All the three female cheetahs were hunting together while staying in the compartment. But female cheetah Sasha fell ill. 

Her ailment was detected recently during routine monitoring. The female cheetah, Sasha, is suffering from dehydration and kidney disease.

Sasha was brought to India last year as part of the first batch of cheetahs in the world’s first intercontinental translocation of big cats. 

Sasha shifted to quarantine bomas

J S Chouhan, the principal chief conservator of forests said around four days ago, Sasha was found to be not as fit as the others and was showing signs of dehydration. Forest officials immediately shifted her to the quarantine bomas to isolate her and keep her under constant observation as her treatment began .

Three doctors, in consultation with conservationist Y V Jhala and experts from the Cheetah Conservation Fund of Namibia, were treating the cheetah. 

Sasha is also being given soft food, like animals’ vital organs like the liver, as they are easy to digest and provide nutrition during illness.

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