24 Jan 2023

Lucknow: 5-storey Building Collapses, 3 Die, Many Trapped

Lucknow: A five-storey building collapsed in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday evening. There is news of the death of three people in the accident. 9 people have been evacuated from the debris. 

SDRF, NDRF teams and 12 JCBs are engaged in the rescue operation. Right now 30 to 40 people are feared to be buried under the debris. The accident is so gruesome that the army has also been called for rescue.

Earthquake caused the collapse?

An earthquake had been reported across northern India earlier in the day, though officials are yet to check if the tremors had weakened the old building.

It is not clear what triggered the collapse of the building. However, several people suspect that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake which hit Nepal and impacted parts of northern India and Lucknow, might have caused the collapse. Apparently some construction work in basement area had also been going on.
Hazratganj is dotted with old buildings. The one that collapsed today was known as Alaya Apartments.
It is being told that the excavation of the basement was going on inside the building, due to which this accident happened.

Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak on the spot

CM Yogi Adityanath directed NDRF and SDRF to reach the spot as soon as the news broke and provide better treatment to the injured. As soon as the information was received, Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak also reached the spot. It is being told that the family of Congress leader Zeeshan Haider also lives in the Alaya apartment. It is feared that several members of his family are trapped in the debris.However, Mustafa, the 8-year-old son of Zeeshan Haider's family, has been taken out.

Building collapsed with a sudden loud ban

It is being told that the building was built about 15 years ago. 30-35 families were living in it. Eyewitnesses told that at around 6:30 pm the building collapsed with a sudden loud bang. Rescue started after about one and a half hour.
Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak said – 4 serious people are in trauma. Five people including children are admitted in Civil Hospital. Director of Civil Hospital Dr. Anand Ojha told that 5 patients have been admitted. There is no very serious patient except a 70 year old man. Light has been arranged for rescue operations.

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