18 Jan 2023

Madhya Pradesh: (In Pics) Representatives Of G-20 Countries Visit Buddhist Stupa, Other Heritage Sites In Sanchi


Bhopal:Representatives of different countries, who came to participate in the special Think-20 program of G-20, reached Sanchi, the world-famous tourist destination of Raisen district, for a tour. All the guests were overwhelmed to see the Stupa and described it as the land of world peace.

Warm welcome accorded by applying sandalwood tilak

On reaching the Stupa premises, the representatives of G-20 countries were accorded a grand welcome by applying sandalwood tilak and offering flowers according to Indian culture. To welcome the G-20 delegates, an attractive rangoli was made at the entrance of the stupa and special decorations were also done. 


All the delegates were overwhelmed by the warm welcome accorded to them in Sanchi, which is called the island of peace. Here the school children also welcomed the guests by playing the tune of the band and announcing Jai Hind.


Visited other heritage sites

The representatives of the G-20 countries visited other heritage sites including Buddhist Stupas in the Sanchi Stupa Complex and were mesmerized by their beauty, texture and architectural style. Along with the Buddhist stupas, the natural beauty of Sanchi also attracted them. 

During this, the officials of the Archaeological Survey of India informed the guests about the teachings of Lord Buddha and the messages of Emperor Ashoka. Along with this, information about the architectural style, historical and archaeological importance of Sanchi Stupas was given.

 “This is an ideal place, preserve it for many more generations”

Ube Gehlen, Head of the German Development Corporation in India and Minister at the German Embassy, was overwhelmed to see the world famous Sanchi Stupa. Minister Gehlen wrote on the visitor's book that he got to know from close quarters various achievements and history of Sanchi in Raisen district. After visiting the main Stupa of Sanchi, he thanked everyone heartily and wrote on the message book that "This is an ideal place, keep it for many more generations, keep it up, our best wishes." 

Virendra Kore presented flute recital in different sound of birds

Renowned flute player Virendra Kore presented flute recital in different languages and the sound of birds with flute in front of the representatives of G-20 countries in the Sanchi Stupa complex. Along with this, India's famous artists of Akashvani and Doordarshan and AIR's A grade artist tabla player Mohd. Naeem, Shahid Masoom ji, Wasim Masoom ji presented classical music. 


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