17 Jan 2023

BJP National Executive Meeting: Why Party Decided To Extend JP Nadda's Tenure

New Delhi: The BJP's national executive meeting, which has been going on for two days in Delhi, ended on Tuesday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address. The PM said that only 400 days are left for the next Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, party officials and every worker should go to the door to meet each and every voter.
Taking a major decision on the second day of the meeting, the party approved the extension of tenure of National President JP Nadda. Nadda's tenure has been extended till June 2024. Nadda's current term was ending on January 20. Now he will lead the party till the Lok Sabha elections.
Home Minister Amit Shah announced the extension to JP Nadda. He has become the third BJP leader after LK Advani and Amit Shah, who has been made the president for the second consecutive time. Although Rajnath Singh also became the party president twice, but his tenure was not continuous.

Why Nadda got extension

There are assembly elections in 9 states of the country this year. At the same time, elections are expected to be held in Jammu and Kashmir between May and June. Therefore Nadda has been given this extension keeping in view the 10 assembly elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections next year.

Technically, the elections for the BJP organization could not be held in 2022, that's why JP Nadda has been asked to continue in office till the Lok Sabha elections. There is also a provision that after the organisational elections are held in at least 50 per cent of the state units, the process of election of the national president can start.
The important reason for Nadda's extension is also the elections in 10 states. These elections to be held in 2023 cover about 21% of the Lok Sabha seats. These states spread from north to south and can also give a glimpse of the mood of the public in the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year.

BJP leaders agree that Nadda enjoys the confidence of PM Modi and his good performance has enabled the party to decide on an extension.

Shah underscored that the BJP won many state elections under Mr Nadda's leadership and expressed confidence that it would achieve a bigger mandate than 2019 in 2024. He also lauded Mr Nadda's leadership during the pandemic, saying he connected the party organisation with the service of people.


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