15 Jan 2023

Maharashtra: Muslim Family Gave 60 Acres Of Land For Shiv Puran Katha In Parbhani; Generosity Touches Hearts

Parbhani: A Muslim family in Maharashtra's Parbhani district has won the hearts of the people of the area by offering his 60 acres of land for organizing Shiv Puran Katha, a Hindu religious programme lasting five days. Whereas, seeing the history of communal violence in Parbhani, the administration is constantly alert here. 

When the Syed family heard that Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Jadhav was looking for an open land to organize Shiv Puran Katha, he expressed his willingness to give his land for a few days. 

Muslim family also destroyed their crop for the event

The Muslim family not only gave land free of cost for 5 days, but they also destroyed the standing crop of Arhar sown in 15 acres and Moong sown in four acres.

Organizers led by Parbhani MP Sanjay Jadhav were looking for areas around Parbhani city to organize Shivpuran Katha. But due to the standing crop, he could not find land anywhere. 

When this matter reached  Syed family, instead of giving land on rent for religious event, he gave his land for free.

'Bridging gap between people of different religions'

Shivpuran Katha started after this cooperation of Muslim family. A youth of this family said, 'Communal polarization is the biggest challenge for the country today. This step of ours is selflessly aimed at bridging the gap between the people of different religions.' 

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