6 Jan 2023

Rewa: Trainee Plane Crashes Into Temple's Dome, Pilot Dies, Trainee Injured In Madhya Pradesh

Rewa (Madhya Pradesh): A major accident took place in Rewa of Madhya Pradesh. A trainee plane crashed into the dome of the temple. The pilot of the pane died and trainee present was seriously injured.  

The plane of the private training company crashed after colliding with the dome and electric wires of the temple. The incident took place near the temple of Umri village under Chaurhata police station. The pilot died on the spot.

Fog is said to be reason behind accident

It is being told that the plane crashed after hitting the peak of the temple. In this accident, the pilot died while the trainee was seriously injured. In the preliminary investigation, the reason for the accident is said to be fog. 

Pilot Captain Vimal Kumar, 54, resident of Patna was giving training to student Sonu Yadav (22), resident of Jaipur Rajasthan . As soon as the plane took off at around 11.30 pm, it collided with the peak of the temple located near Umri village. 

There was a loud explosion and the debris of the plane was scattered all around. People who were fast asleep inside the houses came out in panic. Trainee pilot is seriously injured and was admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. The plane was blown apart in the accident.

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