6 Jan 2023

Delhi Kanjhawala Car Dragging Case: There Were Four Persons In Car, Man Initially Accused Of Driving Was Not In Car

New Delhi: As the investigation is progressing in the Kanjhawala incident which has shaken the nation, some new revelations are being made everyday. 

Now it has been revealed that there were four, not five men in the car that dragged a 20-year-old girl  killing her in the most horrific manner. It has come to light that the man accused of driving the car and hitting and dragging the girl was not in the car and was at home at the time of incident.

The man earlier believed to have been driving the car was not even in it during the accident. 

Deepak Khanna took the blame as Amit didn't have a driving license

The police said Amit Khanna was driving the car when it ran over Anjali Singh, not his relative Deepak, as was claimed earlier.

Deepak Khanna was at home, but he allegedly took the blame as Amit Khanna was driving without a licence, the police said.

Car owner Ashutosh told a lie

Five people were arrested hours after the incident. They are: Deepak Khanna, Manoj Mittal, Amit Khanna, Krishan and Mithun. 

Two more wete accused of trying to protect the men in the car and helping with a cover-up. They are: Ashutosh, owner of the car, and Ankush. Ashutosh was arrested Friday morning and the police are searching for Ankush, the seventh accused.

Car owner Ashutosh had also told the police in the initial investigation that Deepak had taken the car from him, while the truth was that Amit had taken the car from him and he had carried out the incident. It is known that the car owner Ashutosh has been made the sixth accused, who was arrested by the police today. 

The accused had gone with Ashutosh's car. Ashutosh is accused of helping the accused. According to the police, there were only 4 accused in the car at the time of the incident, Deepak was at home, but Amit called him later.

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