6 Jan 2023

Sammed Shikharji: Jain Muni Samarth Sagar Passes Away In Rajasthan; Second Monk To Sacrifice Life In 4 Days

Jaipur: Another Jain monk, who was on a fast unto death to save Sammed Shikhar, also passed away. Muni Samarth Sagar, who was on fast unto death since January 3 at Sanghi Ji Jain Temple in Sanganer, Jaipur, passed away on Thursday night. 

Earlier, Muni Sugyeya Sagar Maharaj had sacrificed his life for Sammed Shikhar. He has become the second monk to sacrifice life in 4 days

Muni Samarth Sagar Maharaj passed away on Thursday after midnight at 1.20 am. After the demise of Muni Sugyeya Sagar Maharaj, he sat on a fast unto death, giving up food and water. 

Munishri’s Dol Yatra was taken out from Sanghi Ji Jain Temple at 8.30 am on Friday. In which a large number of Jain devotees participated and according to Jain traditions in the company of Acharya Sunil Sagar Maharaj, his body was merged into the five elements.

Jain Muni had sacrificed his life in same temple

In this temple, Jain monk Sugyesagar Maharaj had sacrificed his life on Tuesday. Protests are going on across the country regarding Sammed Shikhar. 

In Jaipur, a few days ago, protest was held by taking out a silent procession on behalf of the entire Jain society. Thousands of people participated under the banner of Sakal Jain Samaj (Digambar and Shwetambar). 

Vinod Jain, General Secretary of Rajasthan Jain Yuva Mahasabha told that Muni Samarth Sagar had taken a pledge of fasting during the Dharmasabha.

Meanwhile, Acharya Sunil Sagar said that many senior BJP officials had come to Samarthsagar Maharaj on Thursday, but he only said that till the time the Jharkhand government practically presents the situation regarding Sammed Shikhar, my fast will continue. He had also given up water since then. He has dedicated his life for the whole country.

Centre bans tourism

The Centre has banned tourism activities at Sammed Shikharji, an important pilgrimage site for the Jain community. It is located in an environmentally sensitive area atop Jharkhand state's highest mountain.

The government has asked the state to ban activities that "defile the site", like consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

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