13 Feb 2023

Why Suspicious Aerial Objects Like Chinese Spy Balloons Sighted In US Could Be Aliens?

Washington: Suspicious aerial objects like Chinese spy balloons continue to appear in America. Since the Chines

e balloon was shot down in the past, four such objects have been sighted in the American airspace, which were shot down by the US Air Force. 

Meanwhile, Air Force General Glen Vanherck, head of US North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Northern Command, said that he does not rule out the possibility that these aerial objects are aliens. 

Recently, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena have been observed not just over the United States, but floating above Canada, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

According to the Pentagon, China has a global operation of surveillance balloons collecting data on military bases, including the balloon downed last week, but the object shot down Friday has not been confirmed to be linked to Chinese officials — or anyone else.

Object hovered at 60,000 feet well above general cruising altitude of aircraft

The reason for believing that these aerial objects could be aliens is because the balloon seen floating above America last week hovered at around 60,000 feet, according to the Pentagon — which is well out of the general cruising altitude of commercial aircraft, which normally operate between 33,000 and 42,000 feet.

Vanherk said the objects could be aliens or anything else depending on how US intelligence experts study them.

Fourth aerial object shot down

The United States on Sunday shot down another unidentified airborne object in its airspace, a day after it brought down a similar 'cylindrical' object over Canada.

An F-16 fighter jet fired an AIM9x to shoot down the airborne object flying at about 20,000 feet altitude in US airspace over Lake Huron in the State of Michigan, Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder said.

China also claims to have spotted UFO

Meanwhile, China has spotted an unidentified flying object over waters near Qingdao and the authorities were preparing to shoot it down. The fishermen in the region have been told to remain careful about safety.

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