20 Feb 2023

Bihar Politics: Upendra Kushwaha Parts ways With Nitish Kumar, Forms New Party Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal, Says CM Is Walking On Wrong Path

Patna: Janata Dal (United) leader Upendra Kushwaha, who has opened a front against his own party JD (U) and Nitish Kumar in Bihar, has announced a new party 'Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal'.

He said, "The responsibility of the new party that has been formed today has been given to me by my colleagues."

Kushwaha, president of the parliamentary board of the Janata Dal (United), was continuously attacking Nitish for the last few days.

On Monday, he said, "Nitish ji did a very good job in the beginning. But all is bad that ends badly. Whatever has happened is very bad for Nitish ji, public, Janata Dal United and other comrades.”

Upendra said, “I joined Janata Dal (U). It was said that Upendra Kushwaha kept his party RSLP alive. This is an utter lie.”

'Nitish ji has mortgaged all the property'

He said, “I had said that I will not go like this – I will take my share. But now it seems that Nitish ji has nothing, Nitish ji has mortgaged all the property, so there is no question of share.

"Nitish Kumar himself is not taking any decision today - the people of the neighborhood have surrounded him, the CM is acting on their advice."

Upendra Kushwaha said in a press conference in Patna that JDU workers are upset. The path on which Nitish ji is walking. It is not right for the party. Earlier Nitish ji used to take any decision himself. Used to talk to workers and leaders. His own decisions were correct. In today's date, they don't take any decision themselves.

‘Nitish is not doing anything of his own free will’

The Chief Minister is not doing anything of his own free will. They are following the advice of scared people. Nitish ji is walking on the wrong path.

Nitish ji is looking for a successor in the neighboring house. We would not have had any problem if he had chosen someone from the most backward society. It doesn't matter if Upendra Kushwaha was not liked, but had to be found in the family itself.

Leaving the BJP, a new alliance was formed. At that time also we supported, said Upendra.

Upendra Kushwaha was meeting with his JDU leaders for the last 2 days. It has been decided in the meeting that a new party will be formed and Upendra Kushwaha will be its president.

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