20 Feb 2023

Controversy Over Inviting Swara Bhaskar, Fahad Ahmed At AMU; Will Not Allow Tukde Tukde Gang Members, Says Former AMU Student Leader

Aligarh: The two student groups at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) are in disagreement over inviting newly married couple Swara Bhaskar and Samajwadi party leader Fahad Ahmed to AMU to give them a reception. Fahad is also an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University.

Faizul Hasan has invited the couple

Former student union president of AMU Faizul Hasan has given an invitation to the newly married couple to come to Aligarh Muslim University. But now there seems to be an increasing dispute among the students regarding this.

“We are planning a 'Dawat' reception on the AMU campus for Swara Bhaskar & Fahad Ahmed. Around 50-100 people are expected. It is their personal life; the least we can do is give our blessings. The University will not be closed for anyone," Hasan said.

Fazal Hasan said that a final decision on conducting the reception will be taken after a collective discussion as some people are against their marriage as it is done under the Special Marriage Act.

“This campus is for everyone. We will collectively discuss whether to conduct the reception,” Hasan added.

Will not allow Swara on campus: Nadeem Ansari

But Nadeem Ansari, former vice-president of the student union, said that they will not allow Swara Bhaskar to come to Aligarh Muslim University. He said the university administration is not officially inviting Swara Bhaskar and her husband to the university. 

This invitation has been given to do politics. Nadeem Ansari said that Swara Bhaskar had worked to mislead the Muslims of the country during the CAA/NRC.

'Marriage is their personal matter'

Nadeem Ansari asked why would the university send an invitation to anyone? Swara Bhaskar and Fahad have married. This is their personal matter. Former Student Union President Faizul Hasan had given this statement to do politics .

'Will not allow Tukde Tukde gang members' 

Nadeem Ansari said that the CAA/NRC bill was not for the Muslims of India at all. This bill was for the people of other countries who are living in India. People like Swara Bhaskar have been anti-Indian. We will not allow Tukde Tukde gang members to enter AMU.

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