20 Feb 2023

Weather News: Unusually Warm Weather At Many Places, Crop Yield Could Also Be Hit

New Delhi: Rising trend of temperatures in the month of February is unusual. Many parts of the country are witnessing significantly above average day and night temperatures. 

Maximum temperatures at most places over Delhi NCR, Himachal Pradesh, west Rajasthan, remaining parts of Western Himalayas, parts of East Rajasthan, Saurashtra and Kutch, Konkan and Goa as well as at one or two places over Uttarakhand and Gujarat region are significantly above normal. 

At many places people are experiencing April like temperatures in February and quality and yield of crops could also be affected due to unusually warm weather.

Delhi's day temp 7 degrees above normal

The Meteorological Department said that the maximum temperature in the capital Delhi on Sunday was 31.5 degrees, which is 7 degrees above the average of this season and the highest temperature in February in two years. At the same time, the minimum temperature was also 11.4 degrees. This is normal. People of Delhi-NCR say that the weather which used to be seen in April is being seen in February. 

According to Skymet Weather, the two weather factors  are responsible for this unusual rise in temperatures. The first reason could be successive Western disturbances which are approaching Western Himalayas but are weak and not capable of giving any significant rain or snow. 

Moreover, the gap between these Western disturbances very less. Therefore, the cold winds from north are not setting up which would have arrested the rise in temperatures. 

Hot winds are blowing in from Baluchistan, South Sind and Thar

Second one is an anti-cyclone which was over Northeast Arabian Sea. Now it has moved over southwest Rajasthan. Due to this anti cyclone, hot and dry winds from Baluchistan, South Sind and Thar Desert are reaching northwest India as well as over Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. 

Absence of any significant weather activity, bright sunshine, dry and hot winds are responsible for this unusual spike in temperatures.

Quality and yield of crops could be affected

Skymet scientists say they do not foresee any relief from ongoing hot weather conditions over Northwest, Central and parts of West Coast of the country in coming week. Warmer than usual temperatures will adversely impact the quality and yield of crops.

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