22 Feb 2023

AAP Rejects Allegation Against Manish Sisodia In Espionage Through FBU Of Kejriwal Govt

New Delhi: Delhi's Deputy CM Manish Sisodia's difficulties may increase in the matter of spying on politicians and officers. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday approved the investigation by the CBI on the allegations of espionage through the Feedback Unit of the Kejriwal government.

The Aam Aadmi Party has rejected the allegations leveled against Manish Sisodia outright. In a statement, the Kejriwal government claimed that the case was politically motivated. 

'CBI-ED should probe suspected links between Modi and Adani'

AAP also alleged that the CBI-ED should investigate the suspected links between Modi and Adani. Where corruption actually happened.

After securing a majority in the 2015 assembly elections, Arvind Kejriwal formed a Feedback Unit (FBU) in 2015. 

Its work was to monitor the departments, institutions, independent institutions and give effective feedback on the working, so that necessary reforms can be taken on the basis of feedback. Being the minister of Vigilance Department, these allegations have been leveled against Sisodia.

FBU allegedly engaged in gathering secret political information

Preliminary investigation by the CBI has revealed that apart from the work assigned to the FBU, it was also engaged in gathering secret political information. It started gathering information on political activities of a person, institutions associated with him and issues of political benefit to AAP.

According to CBI, it is not yet clear whether the FBU is still active or not. FBU has investigated 700 cases so far, 60% of which were political.

BJP accused Sisodia of spying on Union ministries, opposition parties

On the other hand, the BJP accused Sisodia of spying on Union ministries, opposition parties, various organizations and people through the 'Feedback Unit' of the Delhi government.

Lieutenant Governor of Delhi VK Saxena has recommended the Central Government to get the matter investigated by the CBI. After this, the CBI had sought permission from the Central Government to register the case.

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