11 Feb 2023

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Nitish Kumar's Support To Give Lifeline To RJD In Bihar, BJP To Suffer Huge Loss In Recent Survey

Lok Sabaha Election  2024: Almost all the political parties have started formulating their strategy for the Lok Sabha elections 2024. The reason for this is that now only slightly more than one year is left to the election. All the parties have come in mission mode regarding the elections. 

Meanwhile, media houses are also conducting their own surveys, so that they can understand the first trend. One such survey has increased the tension of BJP.

Survey predicts big loss for BJP in Bihar

According to the survey, in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections BJP is going to suffer a huge loss in Bihar and the magic of RJD-Congress-JDU will be visible.

According to the survey, the seats of UPA can increase by 25 times in the elections of 2024 in Bihar. This survey was done by C Voter and India Today regarding the Lok Sabha elections.

In the survey, the seats of the Congress-led UPA are expected to increase in many states, including Bihar.

25 seats predicted for UPA in Bihar

In this survey, people were asked questions regarding the Lok Sabha elections and according to the answers, UPA is getting 25 seats in Bihar. 

However, Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav has gone to the extent of claiming that he has also come to know about the BJP's internal survey in which UPA is expected to get 37 seats.

UPA had won only 1 seat in Bihar last time

Last time, the UPA was wiped out in Bihar. The UPA got only one seat here, while the NDA bagged the remaining 39 seats. Bihar has 40 Lok Sabha seats. Thus this time the UPA is predicted to bag 25 times more seats.

Nitish Kumar's magic?

There is only one difference between the last election and this time in the changing political equation of Bihar. That distinction belongs to Nitish Kumar. 

Nitish Kumar's JDU was also a part of the NDA alliance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Then the NDA wave was seen in the state in the elections and 39 of the 40 Lok Sabha seats went to the NDA. Now JDU and RJD-Congress are together. The effect of this changed equation can also be seen on the election.

Vote share for UPA increases to 47% in survey

There has also been a tremendous increase in the vote percentage of UPA in the survey. If elections are held in Bihar now, UPA is seen getting 47 percent votes. 

In previous survey UPA vote share was only 5%

Six months ago though the picture was different. C Voter had conducted a similar survey in August 2022 as well. Then UPA was estimated to get only 5 percent votes and was not getting even a single seat. The effect of increasing vote percentage has also been seen on the seats and in this survey, the Lok Sabha seats of the Congress alliance have increased to 25 as compared to one in 2019.

BJP still has maximum number of seats in the country

But the survey predicts the BJP-led NDA government will be formed once again in the country. However, there will be a decline in the number of seats. NDA is expected to get 298 seats. In this, BJP has been estimated to get 284 seats, while allies will get 14 seats.

In 2019, the BJP-led NDA won 353 seats. Then UPA got 91 seats.

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