15 Feb 2023

New Zealand: After Cyclone Gabrielle, Strong Earthquake Tremors Jolt New Zealand

Wellington: After the devastation caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, strong earthquake tremors have now been felt in New Zealand. The intensity of the earthquake on Wednesday was recorded at 6.1 on the Richter scale.

The quake struck at 7.38pm NZ local time, 50km north-west of the city of Paraparaumu at a depth of 48km, with strong shaking. Jolt from the earthquake was felt near the New Zealand's capital city of Wellington on Wednesday evening. People felt tremors for about 30 seconds in the cities of Auckland and Christchurch.

Cyclone Gabrielle caused massive destruction in North Island.

Earlier, Cyclone Gabrielle, which hit New Zealand, caused huge destruction in the North Island. So far the death of 4 people has been confirmed. More than 10 thousand people have become homeless. The New Zealand government declared a national emergency on Tuesday. 

Wind speed was recorded at 110 kilometers per hour in Auckland city. Electricity supply had come to a standstill in about 46 thousand houses in the northern areas.

Cyclone kills four

Some parts of New Zealand's North Island remained cut off from all access, power and communications as Cyclone Gabrielle moved away from the country, leaving behind widespread damage, more than 10,000 displaced and at least four dead, including one child.

Roads and homes have been submerged by flooding, while key state highways have been cut off by landslides and road collapses.

By around 7 a.m. local time on February 15, the cyclone continued to move slowly towards the southeast and away from New Zealand. Still, warnings for heavy rain and swell remained in effect along some central parts of the country.

Second earthquake

A second 4.0 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 78km was recorded, nearly 20 minutes after the first. After Cyclone Gabrielle ravaged New Zealand, multiple earthquakes of varying magnitudes—1.5 and 5.0—have been reported each day since the last week.

While there is no tsunami expected, but New Zealand residents are being warned to drop to the ground, take cover and protect their heads and necks as the aftershocks may be expected.

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