17 Feb 2023

Rudraksh Ceremony In Sehore: Distribution At Pradeep Mishra's Kubereshwar Dham Stopped; 1 Woman Dies, 3 Missing; People Start Returning

Sehore: In Madhya Pradesh, on the first day of the Rudraksh Mahotsav of storyteller Pandit Pradeep Mishra at Kubereshwar Dham, Sehore, the situation appeared uncontrollable due to the huge crowd on Thursday. While people were trying to get Rudraksh, many times a stampede-like situation was created. The situation was such that there was a 17 km long jam on the Sehore-Indore highway leading to Dham. A woman died due to sudden illness. While 3 women have gone missing.

40 percent people have returned: Due to the mismanagement at Rudraksh ceremony, the administration has stopped the programme of rudraksh distribution at Kubereshwar Dham. People have not started to return and so the crowd is  getting reduced. Collector Sehore Pravin Singh said about 40 percent people have returned. 

Do not come, Pradeep Mishra askes devotees: Pradeep Mishra has asked people not to come to Kubereshwar Dham for rudraksha. Get your tickets cancelled, he said. 

Deceased was resident of Nashik: Mandi police station ASI Dharam Singh Verma said that Mangala Bai (50), who came from Malegaon in Nashik, Maharashtra, suddenly fell ill. She felt dizzy and fell down and died. 

3 Missing: Besides, three women from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh, Gangapur in Rajasthan and Buldhana in Maharashtra have gone missing.

Many people returned to their homes without taking Rudraksh: Due to stampede-like situation here, the programme of distribution of Rudraksh has been stopped. Many people returned to their homes without taking Rudraksh.

CM also had to cancel his programme: More than 10 lakh people gathered in this Rudraksh distribution programme today, due to which CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan also had to cancel his programme.

More than 5 times people came:  On the other hand, the Divisional Commissioner and DIG said that organisers had given us information about the number of people expected to arrive in the programme. But more than five times people came. Because of which this system collapsed. 

Divisional Commissioner Mal Singh Bhaydiya said large number of people from Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and other states arrived due to which the arrangements collapsed. 

3,000 devotees fell sick: Many devotees told that there was a scuffle in the crowd. Due to which women, children and the elderly had to face trouble. According to locals, around 3,000 devotees fell sick due to prolong standing in queue. To streamline the rush, barricades were put up with bamboos, which collapsed and failed to control the crowd.

It was also complained that Rudraksh was being thrown. Many people said that Rudraksh distribution was stopped when there was a stampede like situation. 

People did not get water: The devotees have also complained that they did not even get drinking water. The bathrooms were also locked. Nor was the parking arrangement good. People who failed to get Rudraksh were seen returning raising slogans against Pandit Mishra.

A woman who came from Hyderabad to Kubereshwar Dham in Sehore told that there were no arrangements here. There was not even drinking water. 

Auto drivers over charged: People also said that auto drivers were taking advantage of the situation and charging exorbitantly.

Many devotees from Indore, Haryana and UP also said that no arrangements were seen here. No car parking facility. Nor did we get drinking water. Raising questions on the administration, the devotees said that it was such a big event. The administration did not make any arrangement.

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