15 Feb 2023

Syria Turkey Earthquake: 77-year-old Man Pulled Out Alive In Turkey; Toll Mounts To 41000; 70 Lakh Children Affected

Ankara/Damascus: Rescue workers pulled a 77-year-old man alive from the rubble in Adiyaman (a city in southeastern Turkey) on Tuesday, 14 February, 212 hours after a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria.

The death toll in Turkey and its neighboring Syria has risen to 41,000.

UN officials, however, have said the focus of the aid effort has shifted to helping those who are now living in shelters and facing extreme cold and other hardships without enough food. But rescuers are still trying to pull survivors out from under the rubble more than a week after the quake.

Over 70 lakh children affected

More than 70 lakh children have been affected, the United Nations has said, voicing fear that “many thousands” more had died.

“In Turkey, the total number of children living in the 10 provinces hit by the two earthquakes was 4.6 million children. In Syria, 2.5 million children are affected,” James Elder, spokesman for the UN children’s agency UNICEF, told reporters in Geneva.

“UNICEF fears many thousands of children have been killed,” Elder said, warning that “even without verified numbers, it is tragically clear that numbers will continue grow.”

People have become homeless amidst bitter cold

The earthquake has caused havoc in many cities in both the countries. Due to this, people have become homeless amidst the bitter cold.

Cracks develop in Indian Army hospital

Significantly, on Monday i.e. February 13, earthquake tremors were felt once again in Turkey. The tremors of the earthquake were so strong that cracks have also developed in the hospital of the Indian Army.

There are reports of damage from some other places as well. Taking precautions at this time, Indian Army soldiers are also living in tents instead of buildings.

Rescue is still going on on the ground in Turkey and Syria and bodies are being taken out continuously. India has helped Turkey a lot in this rescue mission. 

Many teams of NDRF are working

Many teams of NDRF have been sent, relief material is also being continuously delivered. The Indian Army has even built its own hospitals in Turkey where the injured are being treated. Some other countries are also sending aid to Turkey on their behalf.

Significantly, before this big earthquake, in the year 1999 also there was a huge devastation in Turkey. Then the earthquake had claimed 18000 lives.

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