27 Feb 2023

UP: Greenfield Expressway In Ballia Will Make Travel To Lucknow, Delhi, Bihar Easier

Ballia (UP): Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari will lay the foundation stone of the Greenfield Expressway in Ballia today i.e. on February 27. This expressway, to be built at a cost of 5320 crores, will make it easy to go from Ballia to Lucknow, Delhi and Bihar. This expressway can be ready by 2024. This expressway will be made four lane.

Gadkari will lay the foundation stone of Greenfield Expressway to be built from Ballia Manjhi Ghat to Ghazipur. Whose total length is 134 kilometers. This expressway will cover Ghazipur and Ballia districts. After that it will end at Manjhi Ghat in Ballia. Bihar starts from this Ghat.

In such a situation, it will be easy for the people of Bihar to come to Delhi and Lucknow through this express. It is being told that due to the green land of Purvanchal, this expressway has been named Greenfield. Many types of trees are also expected to be planted on this expressway.

Development will get boost, Bihar will also benefit

With the construction of expressway from Ghazipur to Manjhi Ghat, the city of Ballia will get relief from jam. Apart from this, development will also get a boost in the district. People will be able to cover more distance in less time. Bihar will also benefit from the construction of the expressway. Preparations are now underway to lay a network of roads in Ballia.

Nitin Gadkari will reach Ballia's Chitbada village at 11.40 am by helicopter from Varanasi airport to lay the foundation stone of the expressway. He will be here for one and half hour. Gadkari will first address the public meeting. Then will lay the foundation stone for the Greenfield Expressway.

After this he will leave for Purvanchal University Jaunpur by helicopter. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath can also participate in this ceremony. Cabinet Minister Jitin Prasad will also participate in this program.

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