16 Feb 2023

Uttar Pradesh: Elephant Runs Amok In Gorakhpur, Tramples Many People In Yagya Pandal; Child, 2 Women Die

Gorakhpur: An elephant ran amok In Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday. It trasmpled many people in yagya pandal and then in the village. The incident occurred in Mohammadpur Mafi village located in Jagatbela of Chiluatal area.

Three people, including two women and a child, have reportedly died. However, the death toll has not yet been officially confirmed. Many people have been seriously injured. elephant entered the field.

Mahout was asked to take the elephant away: On the other hand, some villagers said that the locals were repeatedly asking the mahout to take the elephant away. But, he was didn’t listen to them. Women were worshipping the elephant and making offerings to it. 

This tempted mahout to stay there. There was a crowd near the elephant. So many people started touching the elephant at once and surrounded it, due to which the elephant went out of control.

Some people were teasing the elephant: The villagers say that there were too many people in the Yagya. Some people were teasing the elephant, due to which it was enraged. 

Police, forest staff reach spot: As soon as the information was received, the police and forest department officials reached the spot. Efforts are being made to control him.

Elephant was brought to participate in Kalash Yatra: Local residents of the village said a Kalash Yatra was to begin today. Preparations were going on in the village regarding this. The women were about to go to collect water for the Kalash Yatra. The elephant was brought here to participate in the procession. 

There were more than a thousand people in the pandal: A crowd gathered there to see the elephant and click photographs with it. The elephant got enraged because of the crowd. There were more than a thousand people in the pandal.

Two women Kanti Devi (55), Kaushalya Devi (50) and a child Krishna (4) have died in this incident. Both the women were residents of Mohammadpur Mafi area.

The child who died was very ill. He was brought to yagya to receive blessings. After worshiping the elephant, she was going to get the child blessed, but the elephant killed the child by throwing it.

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