16 Feb 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Rudraksh Festival at Kubereshwar Dham of Pandit Pradeep Mishra Near Sehore; Arrangements Collapse Due To Unprecedented Rush Of Devotees; 3 Women Went Missing

Sehore: The Rudraksh distribution program has started with the seven-day Shiva Mahapuran Katha at Kubereshwardham, Sehore, by well-known storyteller Pandit Pradeep Mishra. On Thursday itself, on the very first day, many people looked shocked and upset due to the chaos here. 

Hema Chitavlia village is situated on the Bhopal-Indore Highway at a distance of 7 km from Sehore district headquarters. There is a big crowd of people listening to Shiva Mahapuran Katha and taking Rudraksh. 

The crowd of people had started reaching here since late night. Due to which there is no space left in the parking built at five places in 70 acres.

The festival will continue till February 22. So far 10 lakh devotees have reached. Crowd of devotees gathered in Hema Chitavlia village. Parking built on 70 acres is already full.

Arrangements collapsed

Vehicles are parked on the side of the highway and on the surrounding roads. Due to the increasing crowd, all the arrangements of the committee and the administration got ruined. It is said that about 10 lakh people have reached here so far. Due to the arrival of large number of devotees, the situation here has become such that even walking here is becoming difficult. 

Not only this, three women are said to be missing. Out of which one woman is from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh and one had reached here from Gangapur in Rajasthan. While the third woman is said to be a resident of Buldhana in Maharashtra.

Residents are serving the devotees

In view of the increasing crowd of devotees in Kubereshwar Dham, seven km away from Sehore, the residents have opened the doors of their houses to serve the devotees. Not only this, members of many social and religious organizations from the district and surrounding areas are serving. Due to which the city is looking Shivamay. 

Over half a dozen buses deployed

On the other hand, according to the chairman of the municipality, more than half a dozen passenger buses have been deployed to bring and take the devotees. Devotees have come here not only from Madhya Pradesh but also from many states of the country including Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi and Gujarat, Maharashtra. This process continues continuously.

Barricades could not stop crowd

Barricades made of bamboo and poles to stop the crowd could not stop this crowd. Stampede-like situations happened several times. Every time the queue moved forward, women and elders would be thrown out in a stampede.

Over 3000 people reach first aid centre

By 5 pm on Wednesday, more than 2 thousand people had reached the first aid centers here. Till Thursday afternoon, this figure has crossed 3 thousand. Most had arrived in this crowded mess disoriented, vomiting and bruised.

Rudraksh distribution began a day earlier

The administration told the rudraksh distribution committee that the crowd could be handled if they started distributing rudraksh a day earlier. The distribution of Rudraksh also started a day before the scheduled time, but the arrangements put in place to handle such a crowd looked inadequate.

1500 policemen, 10, 000 volunteers engaged

The organizing committee says that more than 1500 policemen and more than 10 thousand volunteers are engaged in the arrangement. The fact was that most of the policemen were engaged in controlling the traffic.

In the temple premises, where there was a queue for the Rudraksh distribution center, neither the police nor the volunteers were seen to control the crowd and make arrangements.

Why the rush for Rudraksha

Devotees are told that Rudraksh has to be put in water and that water has to be drunk. By doing this all their problems will go away and the person will be healthy. This is the reason why a crowd of people have gathered to get this Rudraksha.

Such was the crowd and stampede that an elderly person who had come from Agra, fell unconscious. On regaining consciousness, he told that his wife had fallen in the line. When he went up to save her, he felt giddy. Many women said that they got pushed out of the queue.

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