21 Feb 2023

Weather News: Heat Breaks Record Of Several Decades In Rajasthan; Temps Well Above Normal In Mumbai

Jaipur/Mumbai: Unusually hot weather is frightening people in many parts of the country. The heat has started troubling people in Rajasthan. In Mumbai also the heat is unrelenting.

In Rajasthan, the mercury has gone above 36°C at many places. Heat has broken the record of several decades at some places in the desert state. 

Highest temp in Feb after 1953 in Jaisalmer

This condition is in February, so guess where the temperature will reach in May-June. In Jaisalmer, the record of 70 years has also been broken.

The maximum temperature in Jaisalmer has been recorded at 37.5 degrees. Which is now the highest after the year 1953.

Record of 80 years broken in Barmer

Rrecord of 80 years has been broken in Barmer. After the year 1943, the temperature in February has been recorded here at 38.3 degrees. In four districts, the temperature is up to 9 degree Celsius abocvve normal. 

Farmers have to bear the brunt of this change in the weather and the scorching heat. This is causing damage to the crops.

According to the Meteorological Center Jaipur, the temperature in Bikaner has gone above 36 degree Celsius, whereas in the last 11 years, the maximum temperature in the month of February has never gone above 35.6 degree Celsius. Similarly, temp was 34 in Ajmer and above 36 degrees Celsius in Jodhpur.

Unrelenting heat in Mumbai

On the other hand, city of Mumbai has been witnessing unrelenting heat for the last one week. Between Feb 12 and yesterday, temperatures have been in excess of normal. 

On Monday, the maximum recorded was at 36.5 degrees, which is 6 degrees above normal. Other than 15 Feb, where temp was 34 degrees, the maximum temperature has been continuously above 35 degrees.

No relief is likely

The Skymet Weather said that as far as the temperatures are concerned, no relief is likely and for two to three days, the commercial capital may be seeing excess heat. The maximum will go beyond 35 degrees on several occasions. Thereafter, there could be a drop in the maximums.

The anticyclone, which is usually over Rajasthan is sitting right over the Konkan region, which is causing increase in temperatures.

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