24 Mar 2023

Cricket: Asia Cup 2023 May Be Held In Pakistan But Team India's Matches To Be Shifted To Neutral Venue

New Delhi: The Asia Cup to be held in September this year will be held in Pakistan. According to the a report of ESPN Cricinfo, most of the matches of the tournament will be held in Pakistan, but all the matches of the Indian team can be shifted to one of the UAE, Oman or Sri Lanka.
The Asia Cup is to be held in the first week of September. There will be a total of 13 matches including the final in this tournament. India and Pakistan are in the same group. In the Indian team's group, apart from Pakistan, one team will reach from the qualifier stage. 

Top-2 teams from both groups will reach Super-4 stage

A total of 6 teams will participate in the tournament. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are in the second group. Top-2 teams from both the groups will reach the Super-4 stage.

Top-2 teams of Super-4 stage will reach final

In the event of India and Pakistan reaching the Super-4 stage, both the teams will compete once again. The top-2 teams of the Super-4 stage will reach the final. If only India and Pakistan finish in the top-2 positions, then both the teams will face each other in the final as well. In this way both the teams can clash 3 times in the tournament.

India will have to play 3 matches if it reaches Super-4 stage

The Indian team will play 2 matches in the preliminary stage of the Asia Cup. On winning a single match, the team will reach the Super-4 stage, where it will have to play 3 matches. 

In the event of India reaching the final, that match will also be shifted to a neutral venue.
Apart from UAE, Oman and Sri Lanka, the name of England is also coming to the fore in the neutral venue because a large number of spectators reach to watch the Indo-Pak match in England. 

However, there is little hope of England getting the hosting rights, as matches of Asia Cup and IPL have already been held in UAE and Oman during September. In such a situation, only a country in Asia is expected to host India's matches.

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