28 Mar 2023

Ma Madwarani Of Korba, Chhattisgarh, Every Wish Is Fulfilled In Her Court

Korba (Chhattisgarh): The enthusiasm of Chaitra Navratri is visible everywhere. The devotion of Shakti is being done with religious fervour. 

Devotees have been thronging the temples of Mother Goddess since morning. We are talking about Maa Madwarani Temple located in Korba district of Chhattisgarh. The devotees are offering worship with complete devotion.

Devotees come to have a divine darshan of Maa Madwarani

Maa Madwarani Temple of Korba is famous all over the state. Devotees from far and wide come here to have divine darshan of Maa Madwarani. This temple of Maa Madwarani has become a symbol of reverence and faith.

It is believed that Maa Madwarani appears herself and protects the nearby villages in this area. The Madwarani temple is situated here under a Kalmi tree on the top of a hill called Madwarani. 

Temple is covered with flowers and fruit trees 

This temple of Maa Madwarani is covered with flowers and fruit trees on a dense hill. Many times wild animals have been seen roaming here, but they do not harm anyone with the blessings of Maa Goddess.

The priest serving the mother in the temple says that Maa Madwarani had appeared in a dream to his great grandfather. In the dream she said she was on a Kalmi tree. Since then only Ma Madwarani is worshipped. 

Maa Madwarani had left her wedding Mandap 

It is also believed that Ma Madwarani had left her wedding Mandap at Madwa. During this, the turmeric applied on her body fell on a stone here in Barpali Madwarani Road. The stone turned yellow. Later the village and the mountain came to be known as Madwarani because Ma Madwarani arrived here leaving the marriage Mandap.

There is also a legend that Maa Madwarani met Lord Shiva at Kanaki. Maa Madwarani is known as Mandvi Devi in Sanskrit. 

It is also a belief that every Navratra javara grows automatically on the leaves of the Kalmi trees of some villages. A snake keeps roaming around it. The priest also says that Mas Madwarani used to come to nearby villages Barpali, Sohagpur, Bhaisma, Madwarani. But one day some people chased Madwarani Ma, then Madwarani Maa hid in a Kalmi tree.

Temple is built on the highest peak 

The main temple of Ma Madwarani is built on the highest peak of the mountain near a deep moat under the Kalmi tree. It is believed that after a Kalmi tree was cut down, Mother Madwarani came there along with her four sisters and her power got absorbed in the five stones kept there. That is why now she is worshiped in the form of body. 

Three other temples of Ma Durga are established

Three other temples of Ma Durga are established just a short distance away from Ma Madwarani. The presence of Hanuman ji is felt on the way to the top of the Ma Madwarani temple mountain. 

According to Madwarani Temple Committee Secretary Vinod Kumar Sahu, Mata Madwarani, who is ancient, has been the center of devotion and reverence since time immemorial. 

In ancient times there was a vast forest. At that time there was no means of transport. It is said that any devotee who worships with a true heart, Ma Madwarani fulfills all his wishes.

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