17 Mar 2023

Madhya Pradesh: How The 2 Namibian Cheetahs Doing After Release Into Open Forest At Kuno National Park? When Will Other Cheetahs Be Released?

Sheopur: Cheetahs Oban (male) and Asha (female) have adapted well to the environment of Kuno National Park (KNP) after being released from the large enclosure into the open forest. Whenever the Tiktoli Gate will be opened for the tourists, they will be able to see the cheetahs easily as the cheetahs are moving towards Tiktoli Gate after release.

The cheetahs have satellite collars and the park authorities will monitor them vigilantly in the initial days. The two have adapted well to KNP's environment and have been hunting on their own. The park authorities said the two have adjusted to the new environment and will be able to fend for themselves in the wild.

Remaining 6 Namibian cheetahs could be released before March 18 

There is a possibility of releasing the remaining 6 cheetahs brought from Namibia before March 18 in the open forest in a phased manner.

12 cheetahs brought from S Africa also doing well 

The 12 cheetahs brought to KNP from South Africa earlier this year are also doing well in the new environment.

On March 18, the quarantine time of 12 cheetahs brought from South Africa will be completed. After this they will be shifted to a bigger enclosure. They will also soon be released in the open forest in a phased manner.

Oban and Asha are living well in the open forest. Both are hunting and searching for their food which is a matter of happiness. 

Oban and Asha are living at a distance from each other

Instead of living together, Oban and Asha are living at a distance from each other. Hunting is also done differently. Cheetah Ovan and Asha have lived together in the large enclosure for several days but no mating has taken place between them. The officials of Kuno are hopeful that both of them living together in the open forest will also do mating soon.

They are hunting well 

Oban and Asha have a lot of agility, taking advantage of which they hunt wildlife like chital, nilgai very quickly. They sit in ambush, hiding in the thick grass of the forest of Kuno. 

When the wild animals come near them, both attack them. In front of their agility and strength, the victim does not get a chance to escape. It is being told that Asha does not share her prey with Oban. Whereas, Oban is ready to share.

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