17 Mar 2023

Asirgarh Fort In Hills Of Satpura Where The History Of Akbar Merges With The Mystery Of Ashwathama

Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh): The fort of Asirgarh is built in the hills of Satpura in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh. There are many important historical events as well as legends of Mahabharata era associated with this fort.

 In the history of India, this fort was considered invincible fort. Inside this fort, there were so many sources of water as well as grain stores that an entire village could live here for months.

Akbar conquered the fort

Mughal Emperor Akbar conquered this fort around 1600. In history, this fort is called the gate of the Deccan. Because this is where the Khandesh region of Maharashtra begins and at this place the Mughals had camped with their army. 

The Mughals had planned to reach South India from this place. Plans to attack the Marathas in South India were made from this fort. It is said that no king could conquer this fort. 

Whoever captured the fort did it diplomatically because the structure of the fort is such that the fort built on 60 acres is divided into three parts. The middle part is Kamargarh, the lower part is Malaygarh and then Asirgarh. There are two kunds named Ganga Jamuna in this fort.

The fort is full of mysteries

The fort is considered very mysterious and its story is also related to the Mahabharata period. It is believed that Ashwatthama, the character of the Mahabharata period, roams in this fort. Ashwatthama worships in the Gupteshwar temple built inside the fort. 

It is said that every morning a fresh rose flower is placed on the Shivling. The people of the village around the fort tell that a person bleeding from the wound on his head is often here, but the one who sees him can never see him again.

Ashwathama has been roaming around Asirgarh for past 5000 years

Local people still believe that Ashwathama has been roaming around Asirgarh Fort for the past 5000 years. Some people also believe that Ashwathama wanders around the fort during night time, and stops people for turmeric and oil to heal his bleeding forehead.

As the folklore has it, Ashwathama killed all the five Pandava sons and even tried to kill Abhimanyu’s son Pareekshit, while he was still in his mother’s womb to avenge his father Guru Dronacharya's death. 

As a result, Lord Krishna cursed Ashwathama and said that he will bear the load of all people’s misdeeds on his shoulder, and he will roam around alone like an apparition without getting any affection or sympathy.

In the pages of history, this fort is called the key to the Deccan. At the same time, mysterious stories related to it are also being narrated from generation to generation. Amidst all the mysteries, the historic fort of Asirgarh still stands like an impenetrable fort, full of unresolved mysteries.

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