26 Mar 2023

Rahul Gandhi Changed His Bio On Twitter, Described Himself As Dis'Qualified MP

New Delhi: A comment made by Rahul Gandhi regarding the Modi surname has put his political future in jeopardy. A Surat court convicted him and sentenced him to two years' imprisonment for this remark. After this, the membership of Lok Sabha of Rahul Gandhi was alzo cancelled. Although the court granted him bail for 30 days after the verdict, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla canceled his membership from Wayanad. 

The Congress party has called it the murder of democracy. Along with this, countrywide protest Satyagraha is being organised. Amidst all this, now former MP Rahul Gandhi has also changed his bio on Twitter. Rahul Gandhi called himself a member of the Congress and declared himself a Dis'Qualified MP.\

Cong protesting across country

All the workers along with the Congress leaders and office bearers are protesting across the country after the cancellation of the Lok Sabha membership of their former party president Rahul Gandhi. Satyagraha win front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at all the state and district headquarters on Sunday in protest against the disqualification.

Rahul refused to apologize

Rahul Gandhi had a press conference on Saturday. During this, when Rahul Gandhi was asked that BJP is accusing you of insulting the people of OBC community. In response to this, he said that this is not the matter of OBC. This is a matter related to the relationship between Narendra Modiji and Adaniji. Rahul Gandhi asked from where did Adaniji get Rs 20,000 crore. 

BJP always tries to divert attention: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi said that BJP always tries to divert attention. Sometimes they talk about OBC and sometimes about the statement made abroad. He said these people cannot stop him by canceling his membership from the Lok Sabha. Whether he remains a member of Lok Sabha or not, he will continue to do his work. 

Rahul Gandhi also said that even if they disqualify him permanently, he doesn't care, he will continue to do his work. Rahul said whether he stays inside the Parliament or outside it does not matter to him.

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