12 Mar 2023

Shivpuri Incident: Jyotiraditya Scindia Seen Stopping VD Sharma From Speaking In Viral Video, BJP Clarifies

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) clarified today that the step taken by Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia in honor of party's traditions and state president in the program organized in Shivpuri is commendable.

In fact a video on social media related to a public event organized in Shivpuri on Friday. In this video Scindia is seen stopping State BJP President Vishnudutt Sharma from speaking on the dais. In this regard, the statements of state Congress leaders have also appeared in the social media.

Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia stopped state BJP president VD Sharma from giving his speech at a function in Shivpuri town to mark the translocation of tigers to Madhav National Park on Friday. Sharma had to return to his seat while Scindia began addressing the crowd.

'What Scindia did was in accordance with the culture of the party'

Congress leaders have ridiculed Scindia from stopping Sharma from speaking. In relation to this incident, State BJP General Secretary Bhagwan Das Sabnani said in a release issued by the party that BJP is a disciplined party and what Scindia did was according to the protocol and in accordance with the culture of the party. He said that the Congressmen who are commenting on this incident without knowing the facts and unnecessarily trying to put Scindia in dock.

'Nath kept away from the event when Arjun Singh's statue was unveiled'

Sabnani said that when the statue of former Chief Minister Arjun Singh was unveiled in Bhopal recently, State Congress President Kamal Nath kept away from the event. Similar behavior was seen during the motion of no confidence in the assembly. Similarly, when Kamal Nath calls a meeting, other leaders do not come. That's why before commenting on BJP and our leaders, Congress leaders should think about the affairs in their own party.

'The respect of the president is paramount'

Sabnani said that the party has a presidential system and the respect of the president is paramount for the entire party. The post of president is the most senior and usually according to the protocol he is invited to speak later in any event. But this thing did not remain in the mind of the person conducting the program in Shivpuri and in the middle of the programme he invited the president for the speech. 

'Scindia was careful about the respect for the State President'

With all humility, the president also went to speak. But Scindia was careful about the party's tradition and respect for the State President and urged the president to speak only later. After this the president returned to his seat.

Sabnani said that this step of Scindia was to save the dignity and honor of the post of president and the party is proud of it. He alleged that the Congress is a cultureless party and before commenting on anyone else, the Congress leaders should do introspection about their own values. 

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