30 Mar 2023

Uttar Pradesh: Why Lakhs Of Weavers And Artisans In Carpet City Bhadohi Are Struggling To Survive

Bhadohi: Bhadohi, also known as the carpet city, is about 40 km away from the Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Known for its colourful, handmade carpets, Bhadohi is home to one of the largest hand-knit and handwoven carpet industries in South Asia. 

But now lakhs of people face the risk of losing their meas of livelihood as Bhadohi is losing its identity as carpet city. If immediate attention is not paid to save the carpet industry here it would have disastrous consequences for all stakeholders. 

Struggling to survive

Weavers and artisans of Bhadohi are today struggling to survive as big carpet traders and exporters of Bhadohi are setting up their businesses in big cities that are visited by big importers from foreign countries. But no one comes to Bhadohi as it has neither five-star facilities nor are there direct flights from abroad. Importers have to stay in hotels in Varanasi that is 40 km away from here. 

Handmade carpet weaving cluster

Bhadohi is the biggest carpet manufacturing center in India. The Mirzapur-Bhadohi region is the largest handmade carpet weaving cluster, engaging around 32 lakh people in the industry. Bhadohi employs 22 lakh rural artisans.

Famous for export of carpets with distinctive designs

Bhadohi district is world famous for the production and export of carpets with distinctive and outstanding designs. Bhadohi is known worldwide as 'Carpet City of India'. Carpets of Bhadohi have 'Geographical Indication' (GI) tag attached to them.

Carpet weaving in the region dates back to 16th century

Carpet weaving in the region dates back to the 16th century, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is believed that weaving in this region was established centuries ago by Iranian master weavers while traveling in India, stopped at Madhosingh village, near Khamaria, in Bhadohi and set up looms here.

Lack of basic facilities

But citing the lack of basic facilities, carpet traders of Bhadohi have started establishing their businesses in other states of the country.

No longer a carpet manufacturing hub

The district, which once exported 100 percent carpets, is no longer a manufacturing hub. Traders believe that if the situation continues like this, the name of the carpet can be erased from Bhadohi. Whenever carpet was discussed anywhere, the name of Bhadohi district used to come first. 

Importers land in big, dazzling cities 

It is the pain of the carpet traders that the importers of other countries including Germany, America, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Holland and Poland land in all the dazzling cities like Jammu, Agra, Panipat and Delhi due to direct flights from abroad. Where gleaming roads and other facilities like five star hotels are easily available.

No roads or good hotels in Bhadohi

The foreign guests return to their homeland after seeing the carpet samples throughout the day. This saves both their labor and time, on the other hand there are neither roads nor good hotels in Bhadohi.

Foreign businessmen shy away from coming to Bhadohi

Traders coming to Bhadohi have to go to Varanasi, about 40 km away, to stay. This is the reason why foreign businessmen shy away from coming to Bhadohi. Which directly affects the export of carpets. Carpet exporter Haji Jalil Ahmad Ansari says that if the infrastructure facilities are not taken care of, the carpet industry, which employs about 20 lakh people, will completely collapse.

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