16 Apr 2023

Atiq's Murder: What Did Lovelesh's Parents Say That Even Police Were Taken Aback


Prayagraj: In Prayagraj, the accused in the murder of Don Mafia Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf are being interrogated continuously. Complete information about them is being investigated. The investigation team is continuously tracing his contacts and past records. Statements of the relatives of the accused are being taken.

Amidst the interrogation of his friends and those who knew him, the parents of one of the accused Lovelesh Tiwari have been interrogated. In such a situation, there is a lot of contradiction in the statements of Lovelesh's mother and father, due to which even the police were taken aback.

Soon whole matter will be revealed

A day earlier in Prayagraj, three youths opened fire on Don Mafia Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf. Its video is also going viral very fast. The police caught the three youths. 

One of these accused is Lovelesh Tiwari of Banda. Lovelesh's father Yagya Tiwari clearly said in a statement to the media that Lovelesh is of a criminal nature and has a habit of taking drugs. Whereas the police also say that in one case the accused has also gone to jail. On the contrary, Lovelesh's mother Asha Tiwari has changed the whole matter by giving a new statement.

Lovelesh is religious and charitable

Lovelesh's mother Asha Tiwari says that Lovelesh is a religious boy. He used to go to the temple and believed in Sankatmochan. Asha says I am not sure how my son can do such thing even after being of religious nature. Mother Asha, who is crying in agony, is repeating again and again that why would her son kill someone! He always used to help others. People used to see him as a benefactor. Then how did all this happen? 


Asha said that the boy who used to worship Sankatmochan and sing religious hymns and attend religious congregations, from where did such a big change come from. She was asked that since when did you not meet Lovelesh. On this she said that she did not meet him for about a week and the mobile used to be switched off, so nothing could be done.

Desire to become a big mafia made him shooter


Lovelesh was dreaming of becoming a big mafia. According to media reports, due to this, he took such a big step. Police had arrested two more youths for the murder of Atiq and Ashraf, including Sunny of Hamirpur and Arun of Kasganj.

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