16 Apr 2023

UP: Who Are The Killers Of Atiq Ahmed And His Brother?

Praygraj: Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot dead by some assailants while they were talking to the media in Prayagraj on Saturday night amid tight police security.

Till now the UP police has not given any information about the motive behind the murder. Although the police have confirmed the murder and said that three people have been arrested in this case.

According to some media reports, the accused have allegedly said in their statement before the police that Atiq had links with Pakistan. He and his gang members had killed many innocent people. Atiq used to grab land and did not even spare those who testified against him. His brother Ashraf also used to do the same, so we killed both of them.

All three assailants have gone to jail on serious charges

All the three accused who opened fire have already gone to jail in different cases. The police are also ascertaining when and how the accused had come to Prayagraj.

All the three attackers are vicious criminals. All three have gone to jail on serious charges including murder, robbery. It is believed that they became friends in the jail itself. All three apparently wanted to become dons by killing Atiq and Ashraf.

The assailants have been identified. One of them is from Hamirpur, one is from Kasganj and one is from Banda.

Three accused wanted to do something big to become famous?

Police sources said all three wanted to do something big to become famous. Meanwhile, all three came to know that Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed were being taken to the hospital in police custody. All three conspired to kill for the purpose of earning big name.

The three had planned the murder and had done Reiki after reaching the hospital on Friday before the attack. After this, on Saturday, all three shot and killed Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed from close range posing as media persons.

The relatives of the three attackers have also been taken into custody. Three pistols have been recovered from the attackers.

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