20 Apr 2023

How Much Do You Know About Struggles Of Sachin Pilot's Father Rajesh Pilot


JAIPUR: We all know about Sachin Pilot, former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and leader of Gujjars in Rajasthan, but very few of us know about his father Rajesh Pilot. Sachin's father Rajesh Pilot was a big Congress leader but his school and college days were spent in a lot of hardships. Sachin Pilot's father Rajesh Pilot was a pilot in the army.

As popular as Sachin Pilot is in the politics of Rajasthan, behind him is the legacy he got from his father. Apart from this, we are going to tell what was the real name of Sachin Pilot's father and how he became a big farmer leader from an army pilot.

Childhood spent in poverty

Sachin Pilot's father Rajesh Pilot's life was spent in poverty. The financial condition of Rajesh Pilot's house was not good, so he had to sell milk to run the house. Before becoming a pilot of the Air Force, his life was spent in struggles.

This was Rajesh Pilot's real name.

Rajesh Pilot was born on 10 February 1945. After studying in a government school, Rajesh Pilot qualified for the Air Force and after that he became a pilot. His real name was Rajeshwar Prasad Singh Vidhuri. Rajesh Pilot's childhood was spent in such poverty that he used to wear clothes from people and the reason behind joining NCC was that uniforms were available there. 


Rajesh Pilot used to sell milk along with his schooling and his life changed when he qualified for the Air Force. From here the new chapter of his life started.

Fought in 1971 Indo-Pak war


According to his friends, Rajesh Pilot had big dreams and when he talked about his dreams with his friends, everyone used to laugh. But then the day came that Rajesh Pilot also became the Union Minister.

While in the army, Rajesh Pilot fought the Indo-Pak war in 1971. After that they got married in 1974. Rajesh Pilot decided to enter politics in 1980. At that time Sanjay Gandhi asked Pilot to change his name to Rajesh Pilot. After that Pilot contested the first Lok Sabha election from Bharatpur in which he won.


Consecutively became Member of Parliament

After becoming MP from Bharatpur in 1980, Rajesh Pilot contested from Dausa in 1984 and won. In 1996, 1998 and 1999 too, Pilot contested and won from Dausa. 


Was a Union Minster from 1991-96


From1991-96, Rajesh Pilot was a Union Minister. Rajesh Pilot passed away in a road accident in June 2000. After that his son Sachin carried forward his political legacy. Sachin has been in politics for many years. He was a minister in the UPA government for a long time. After that he became the Deputy Chief Minister in Rajasthan. Sachin is in search of his place in politics these days.

Sachin inherited both his father's politics as well as his supporters. This is the reason why despite Sachin's rebellious attitude, there was never a dearth of his fans and those who stood by him even in rebellion.


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