7 Apr 2023

Janhvi Kapoor Believes Home-Made Meals Are Best But What Does She Eats When She Is Outdoors For Shoots

Maintaining a good lifestyle is very challenging for actors when work almost always takes priority over everything else in their lives. 

But Janhvi Kapoor is firmly committed to fitness and makes it a point to take nutritious and balanced diet even when working outdoors.

Janhvi consumes meals that are rich in protein and consumes them more often. She takes her breaks well and indulges in nutritious snacking habits. Along with this she follows a good and functional exercise routine and a good sleep schedule.

Janhvi believes home-made meals are best for health. So she prefers to take only home-made meals. But it is not always possible to get home-made meals when shooting on outdoor locations. Then what does she do?

When shooting outdoors, the young actor consumes fruits and vegetable juice. She keeps her dinner very light, consuming lots of boiled vegetables and soup.  

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