7 Apr 2023

Mandhar Wali Mata’s Temple In Gwalior Is Known By Name Of Her Devotee; Do You Know Devi's Relation With Scindia Royal Family

GWALIOR: All of us know a lot about the Scindia royal family, their wealth, family disputes etc. But today we will tell you about the family goddess of the Scindia royal family. The story of her coming to Gwalior from Maharashtra and where is the temple of the goddess today. Maa Mandhar is the Kuldevi of the Scindia royal family.

Temple is in Kampu area of Gwalior

This is the only temple which is not known by the name of the goddess but by the name of the devotee or say the priest. By the way, the name of the goddess established here is Mahishasura Mardini. 

But this temple is known as Mandhar Wali Mata. The priest of the temple was Mandhar, hence the name of the temple was derived from his name. Mandhar was once the commander of Scindia. But the story of how the Scindia had to make the commander as the priest of Kuldevi is also interesting.

Devi was earlier in Satara

Actually this Kuldevi of Scindia was earlier in Satara, Maharashtra. This story is 147 years old. Anandrao Mandhar used to worship the eight-armed Mahishasura Mardini in Satara. Maharaja Jiwajirao Scindia reached there in connection with the recruitment in the army. He brought Anandrao Mandhar with him to Gwalior. Anandrao Mandhar was Scindia's commander.

Meanwhile, the Devi started appearing in dreams of commander Mandhar and Maharaja and told them about right and wrong. She started giving information about the coming dangers in their dreams. 

What Devi told Anandrao Mandhar in dream

Once the Devi told Anandrao Mandhar in a dream that you should come back to Satara or take me with you. Anandrao told this to the Maharaja. Maharaja immediately sent Anandrao to Satara and he came to Gwalior with Maa.

Mata's temple was established in Kampu area of Gwalior. After this, the Maharaja relieved his commander Anandrao from the responsibility of the commander and gave him the responsibility of performing worship and rituals.

When the temple of Mata was built in Kampu, at that time this area used to be a dense forest. The Maharaja had made such a window in the palace that the Goddess could be seen every day. But now there is a dense population. 

Even today the members of Mandhar family perform worship there. This temple is known by the name of Mandhar Wali Mata. A fair is also held here every year. 


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