3 Apr 2023

Kejriwal Urges PM Modi To Restore 50 Percent Concession On Train Travel For Elderly

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to restore the 50 per cent concession being given to senior citizens in rail travel.

Kejriwal said in a letter to the Prime Minister on Monday that the senior citizens were getting up to 50 per cent concession in rail travel for the last several years. Crores of elders of the country were getting its benefit. 

Kejriwal said your government has abolished this exemption, which is very unfortunate. Recently, your government told in the Lok Sabha that Rs 1,600 crore is being saved annually by discontinuing the concession given to the elderly in rail travel.

Blessings of our elders are there in our progress

He said, “Many times we get arrogant that whatever we get in life is only the result of our hard work, but it is not so. The blessings of our elders are there in our progress. No person, no society or no country can progress without his blessings.

He said in the letter that it is not about money. It is a matter of intention. In the coming year, the central government will spend Rs 45 lakh crore. In this, only 1600 crores are spent on the exemption in rail travel of the elderly. This amount is like a drop in the ocean.

The Chief Minister has said that he talked to many elders. This small concession being given in rail travel means a lot to them. Showing sensitivity towards the elderly, he has urged to restore this concession at the earliest.

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