22 Apr 2023

Khalistani Supporter Amritpal Singh Could Be Trying To Flee Abroad After What Happened To Atiq Ahmed

Amritsar: According to the BJP and its leaders, Amrit Kaal is going on in the country, but we will not talk about Amrit Kaal but Amrit Pal. For the last one month, the police has bot been successful in catching this radical Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh. 

Kirandeep Kaur was trying to flee to London

However, two days back his wife Kirandeep Kaur was definitely stopped by the police from fleeing to London. At the same time, it is being said that after the death of gangster Atiq Ahmed in UP, Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh is in a state of panic, he is in the process of fleeing abroad. 

Recently, his wife was caught by the police from Amritsar airport.  At that time she was trying to board a flight. Amritpal married Kirandeep Kaur, who lives in Britain, on February 10 last in a gurdwara. She was preparing to run away to London.

Amritpal caught in CCTV footage but continues to dodge police

Amritpal has not been seen since he and his supporters stormed the Ajnala police station for the release of one of their arrested associates. Although he has been captured many times in CCTV cameras, but till now he continues to dodge Punjab Police. 


Search for members of Waris Punjab De

In fact, the Punjab Police is on the lookout for Amritpal Singh and members of his organization Waris Punjab De. Proceedings against him were initiated on March 18. He escaped from the clutches of the police twice. 

First on March 18 he dodged cops by changing vehicles in Jalandhar district and again on March 28 when he returned to Punjab with his key aide Papalpreet Singh in Hoshiarpur. At the same time, in many places along with Kurukshetra, Delhi and Patiala, he has been caught in CCTV footage in different appearances. Even after this, the radical preacher is still away from the police. 

Some video and audio clips of Amritpal also went viral 

While he continues to abscond, some video and audio clips of Amritpal Singh also went viral on social media. Recently, a video surfaced on March 30, in which Amritpal is heard insisting that he is not an absconder and will appear soon.

Even after raids, hands of police are empty.

The pro-Khalistan preacher had claimed that he was not the type of people who would flee the country. There were rumors that Amritpal may surrender on Baisakhi at Takht Damdama Sahib in Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda. But it turned out to be just a rumour. 

Papalpreet Singh was arrested

Police are raiding possible hideouts of Amritpal. Recently raids were conducted in Sirsa of Haryana, while Amritpal was also searched in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Recently, Papalpreet Singh, who had been on the run along with Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh since March 18,, was arrested earlier this month. 

Papalpreet is actually considered an advisor to Amritpal Singh. He has also reportedly been in touch with Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI. Several cases have been registered against the Khalistan sympathizer and his associates for allegedly creating disharmony, assault on police personnel and attempt to murder.

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